Broken Sword 2

Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror is the second installment in the series and it was released one year after the original game and then again in 2010 for Apple iOS and in 2011 for Mac and PC. The game was just like the first game a commercial success and over 1 000 000 copies where sold after the original release.

The game is a 2d point and click adventure games that can be controlled with the mouse. The second game in the series stay where true to the original game and has the same style and feel to it. Anyone who liked the first game is likely to enjoy the second game as well.

It is the only game in the series that are not built around the neo templars and the treat they pose towards the world in the broken sword universe. In this story the big bad is instead a cult devoted to a Mayan god and a solar eclipse.

The game starts with George Stobbart witnessing the kidnapping of his girlfriend, Nicole Collard. George Stobbart starts to investigate the kidnapping to rescue Nicole that by this point in the series is his girlfriend. As the games continues he finds more and more clues to what is a much more sinister plan than a mere kidnapping. We will not reveal more about the plot not to risk taking away from the gaming experience for anyone who have not played the game yet.

Broken sword 2 is just like the first game a point and click adventure set on several different locations. The player need to travel between them to solve some of the mysteries. A lot of puzzles is solved by using the right item in the right place. Items can not be lost or destroyed. They will hence remain in your inventory until you have solved the puzzle they are needed in. Unlike in many other adventure games it is possible to die in Broken sword 2. Some of the puzzles have to be solved with the right timing or the player will die. In some cases you will as an example have to act fast to move on. In the puzzles where timing is essential it is usually easy to know what to do but it can still be hard to get the timing right.

The critics where split about this game and although the overall rating was high it did not entice the critics like the first one did. While most critics found it to e a good continuation on the first game and a good streamlined adventure there were also a lot of critic against the game. Mainly for not diving more deeply into Mayan Mythology and history. The critics felt that the game due to not feature more mythology lack the depth that the story of the first game had.

Broken Sword 2 is according to us a good game and a game that anyone who like adventure games should try. The re-released versions are available in stores and is still rather cheap. The fact that game was re-released should tell you something about the playability of the game and that it st