Broken Sword 5

Broken sword 5 is the upcoming fifth installment in the broken sword series. There are not too many details known about this game yet and no final release date has been announced. The game is highly anticipated by adventure games fans that want to see adventure games become more popular again as they were back in their heyday of Monkey Island and Indian Jones: The fate of Atlantis. It has been confirmed that the fifth installment in the series will go back towards the roots of the series and be a 2d game. This is according to many a good move as the transition to 3d was in no small part what put the nails in the coffin for adventures games. Going back to 2d might help revive adventure games and the broken sword series is one of the few candidates that many think might be able to revive the adventure game genera.

Broken sword is expected to be a 2d point and click adventure true to the roots of the two first games. We will however have to wait to see if this will be the case and if the game will meet the highly set expectations.

Broken Sword 5 is designed by Charles Cecil. Charles Cecil has also designed all of the other 4 games in the series. It is developed by Revolution software and will initially be released for PC (windows) but it is not impossible that the game will be released for other platforms as well. This seem especially likely looking at how many platforms earlier versions of the games are available for.

Investing in Revolution software

I have received emails asking me if it possible to invest in Revolution software from fans of the series who wants to own a part of the company.   I am sorry to say that it is not.  At least not if your not very rich and can make them a deal they can not refuse.  Revolution gaming is not a publicly traded company and it is not possible to buy stock in the company on the open market.  If you want to invest into a games developer then you will unfortunately have to choose a different one.