Broken Sword 3

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon is the third game in the broken sword game series. The game was released 6 years after the second game in 2003. It is a lot different from the first 2 games and feature 3D graphics and different game mechanics. The game was simultaneously released for PC, Xbox and Playstation 2. The PlayStation version was not released in the US and was only available on the European and Japanese market. At this point in time the decline of the popularity of adventure games has gained force and this type of game was not popular enough in the US to warrant the PlayStation 2 version to be released in the US market. Adventure games remain popular in Europe to this day. The game did not do badly but was not the commercial success that the first two games were.

The game was developed by Revolution Software and designed by Charles Cecil.

The game play in this version is very different from the earlier versions. You control the game with the keyboard, instead of with the mouse as in earlier versions. This system for moving around and exploring the world in the game is a lot more complex and hard to use than the system used in earlier games and is one of the main points that attracted critic against the game. All in all the game got a good reception from critics but the game controls was as earlier mentioned not that well received and there were also some voices raised about the puzzles being to repetitive. There were however also a lot of critics that had nothing but good to say about the game and put it forward as an example of how future adventure games should be designed.

In this game the templars are back as the protagonists to our two heroes. When the game starts George and Nicole are no longer together. The game starts when George is flying to Congo with his friend Harry. They are going there to meet a scientist that says that he has found an unlimited energy source. Once they arrive at the research station they see the scientist getting gunned down and the plot is set for Georges latest adventure. The search for the truth begins in England but will see the heroes travel over most of the world. George eventually meet up with Nicole that has been investigating the same mystery from another end and they once again join forces to thwart the plans of the Neo templars. We will not say anything more about the plot to make sure we do not spoil any part of the game for you.

There is a gap in the story between the second and the third game. This caused fans to developed a free game called broken sword 2.5. This game that is available to be downloaded in German and English fill in the gap and explain what happened between broken sword 2 and broken sword 3. The game took 8 years for the fans to develop and you can read more about it on our broken sword 2.5 page or you can go to download the game for free on

This game is recommended to fans of the broken sword series but if you haven´t played the series we recommend that you start by playing one of the first two games as these are better and more classical adventures games. The third broken sword game is not a bad game by any means, it is in fact rather good, but the game mechanics make the first two games better and easier to play.